Proof Pizza & Pasta: Heil to pizza

Joining a new wave of pizza parlors rising through the neighborhood, Proof is the newest addition to the Midtown-Wynwood area. A locally source Pizzeria with daily portions of pasta and dough 100% made on premises. Usually in Proof you will need no reservations.

We highly recommend seating in the garden courtyard were the mood is very pleasant.

 The Food:
Appetizers here are pretty good even though they come in small portions, The Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad is as great as the Oxtail Pizza and Pappardelle with mushrooms and sherry. I must say prices are bit high for a daily lunch, but this is definitively a great spot to eat. The food attention to detail and freshness balance the price of the experience.

The Service:
Service was fantastic, the waiter took its time to explain the process of elaborating each dish, and she lay out the process of coming up with the Oxtail Pizza, something very unique.