Siam Rice is Heaven on Earth.

Siam Rice ... Where should I star? For years I been a dedicated lover of South Eastern Asian fare, I got obsessed with Thai Food after a visiting the to Los Angeles Thai district in Hollywood in my late teens and right after I was hooked forever,  I even got my own Wok and began learning how to cook thai food at home, not being satisfy enough I hit the streets of Miami in the search of those restaurant resembling Bangkok 's waterways flavors, luckily I found two not so hidden gems that were worth the trip:  one became my favorite Miami spot for years, right on the intersection of Granada and US1 across the UM main Campus in Coral Gables, there is “Stir Moon” read the article here. 
As the distance from my office has grown significantly to Stir Moon in the Gables, I started looking for the next alternative, conclusively rejecting many options because these restaurants didn’t have the same trifecta of flavor, value and service I had found in Stir Moon. I notice Thai food trends to be expensive in Miami. There weren’t  many options, until I found Siam Rice Thai & Sushi in the Upper East Side / Shore-crest area.

I will start by saying this place may be the best value lunch in Miami right now. Every dish, every plate, every detail is covered,  The flavors are off the roof in everything I have tried.

A place were the concept stays humble and wonderfully dedicated to preserve the original thai flavor.

The summer rolls are a fantastic appetizer.

Main Dishes:
Everything is within the $7.99 Daily Lunch Special,

If you want to try something fantastic from the main menu proceed with the “Masaman Curry” since the chicken is highly recommended. All the other curries are as great.