Born in the food service business my natural instinct was to become a restauranteur.

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Jason Torres - Founder

Because of my passion for the arts I ended up becoming a publicist and brand activist specialized in the restaurant, food service and hospitality business. 

Today I make sure restaurant brands get out there in the world and become the next success stories.

When I'm not at my studio helping to create the next "cool" thing in Miami, I spend time exploring restaurants and dinning.  I do it because it is part of my job to do serious research, and then because I love food.  During the process I ended up bumping with the touristic oriented, overpriced and overly hyped culinary scene of Miami.

I have decided to focus my exploration on the side of Miami that most tourists will never be taken to, to the local, creative side,  the emerging independent food scene of the city.
 I'm on a mission give great options for the people that live and visit this town.

I DO NOT write about bad experiences, so these reviews all come with my recommendation, no matter what number rating I assign to them. Unless noted, restaurants here can be enjoyed for $20 OR LESS, and often closer to $10.

In my reviews I'm looking for the perfect trifecta of value, service, and quality.  Simply put, I'm committed to measure and recommending extraordinary food experiences at a fair price with the best service you’ll find.